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Why Christianity?
Christianity.  Do you know why?  Let's explore why we have Christianity.

I am not a seminary graduate, so as this site progresses and you would like to add your input or correct me on something I have stated, please feel free to click on the contact tab and submit your information.

Why Christianity?

Because of God’s love for us!  He loves us so much, He sent His Son to save us!  His love is so great and  He wants to give us so much of it so that we can overflow with love for everyone.  It is God’s covenant (a binding agreement or promise) with humanity, that if we believe in and enter into a personal relationship with His son Jesus, we can then live a Holy and Righteous life with the help of His Holy Spirit.  God sends His Holy Spirit to dwell in our heart the instant we say yes to Jesus, turn from our sins and accept Jesus as Lord and Savior.  Water Baptism is then the public profession of repentance (turning from our sins and turning to Jesus) and cleansing to show others we are now a new creation in Christ.  As we read the Bible, the Holy Spirit helps us understand God’s Word and helps us understand how to live the way God wants us to.

The evidence for God and His Son, Jesus Christ is overwhelming!  Some though still prefer to listen to their own desires or the voice of the evil one.  What’s important to know is that Jesus loves you and desires that you love him.  I will present many facts and resources for you, but the most important one is the Bible (I try to read and compare many of them, but the NIV or New International Version is the most easily understood, for me).  Throughout history and In Jesus’ own words, we are told how much God loves us and how we can receive God’s Grace.  God offers us a choice and we have our lifetime, however long or short that may be to accept His offer.  His son Jesus is waiting for you to say yes to Him.  He will baptize you with His Holy Spirit when you say yes to Him and with the Holy Spirit’s help; you will become the person you were meant to be in God’s eyes.  No matter what you have done, or who you are, you will be a new creation!  Simply ask anyone that has accepted Christ into their hearts and they will tell you of transformations, some of them quite amazing.  Well, I should give you some hints of the type of transformations so we don’t go off on tangents.  I personally have been changed from an extremely angry man into a man that actually can control his anger!  Ask my wife and children, I used to wake up mad at the world for no reason!  Now I wake up in a relatively good mood, still slow to get the brain moving, but definitely not angry.  I know other people that used to be addicted to drugs or alcohol and have quit cold turkey.  Those changes may or may not happen to you, or be necessary, but you will be forever changed in how you approach life!

More to come when time permits.

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