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News - Aug. 7, 2009 - From Fox News, Angry Mobs have been trying to stop the change everyone voted for when they elected President Obama.

MSNBC interviews Congressman Brian Baird and he has gone so far as to say that he believes that the people's rhetoric in these town hall meetings is reminiscent of Timothy McVeigh when he bombed the Murrah building in Oklamoma City!  Listen to his comments for yourself in the video below from MSNBC.  He will not be holding any public forums to hear your comments.


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Analysis - Aug. 7, 2009 - Isn't it amazing how the progressive media and politicians spin everything to make the right thing seem wrong and the wrong thing seem right.  When their constituents raise questions and yes, some of them were loud and not so polite because folks feel as though they are being taken advantage of or just flat out lied to, the politicians have to resort to name calling and making up the mob scenario.  Yes Nancy Pelosi, there were a couple of signs that had swastikas on them, but if you had looked closely, you would have seen that there was a red circle around it and a red line through it.  The sign was to tell you that the people do not want you telling them that you are going to take away their health care, the best in the world by the way, and raise their taxes.  You have been elected to office to represent the people of your dictrict, not force your progressive ideas on them and the country at large!  Ben is one of my friends at the gym and was right on when he said, "when President Bush was in office, dissent was Patriotic, but when it happens to the Liberals, they say that you are a mob or anti-american!"  Most people with a little common sense understand that there is no way we can afford this multi-trillion dollar proposal and do not want it shoved down our throats!  Neither do we want a government run system.  Look at social security and medicare for an example of government run systems.  Anyone happy with those?  This makes one ask the question, are these politicians representing you or themselves?  If you conclude that they are not representing you, then tell them they will not have a job next election.  They are supposed to be working for you!  Boot them out!  Congressman Brian Baird said he has represented Washington for 10 years.  Washington, maybe it's time to send Brian back to the streets to look for a real job and put someone who will listen to you in office!

News -
I need some help with this one!  It’s been reported that the new health care bill will require seniors to consult every 5 years on matters concerning their future or what is termed "end of life decisions".  Some have even stated that the government will require our elders to consider euthanasia or assisted suicide... 

Analysis - I have read the portion of the bill in question and yes there is a consultation required every 5 years for discussion about "living wills", "medical directive" and "medical proxy".  These are things we should all think about, but especially as we grow older.  I do not see euthanasia stated, but I have not studied it in depth and there is language I am unfamiliar with relating to physician orders.  I am posting those sections along with section 1861 of the social security act as referenced in the health care bill.  Please read them for yourself and see if you find anything about the possibility of euthanasia.  If one of you has researched this and would like to weigh in, please feel free to contact me.

Go here to read the sections in question. 

I am also posting the links to the full documents for your perusal.


Social Security Act
You know...the shear size of this bill and it's cost is reason alone to ask our representatives to vote no.  If there is now a question of how life is honored, then there is no doubt, it is past time to act, call your representatives today and tell them to vote NO!

News – Update
 In President Obama’s prime time news conference Wednesday 7-22-09 he answered a question relating to the Cambridge Police department and their handling of a reported home invasion.  More on this story from Fox News.,2933,534902,00.html

Analysis – The President in his answer stated that he didn’t know all the facts, but he also stated that the Cambridge Police acted stupidly.  How can he make that assumption without having all the facts?  Maybe he knows the professor, maybe he knows the police department, but he made the statement that he didn’t know all the facts, then he stated that the police department acted stupidly.  On the surface, this appears to be a trivial matter, but give it a little thought…He holds the most powerful office in the world…He is setting a dangerous precedent, he should be setting a higher standard, but what he has told us is that it is ok to rely on feelings and jump to conclusions!  This makes one ask, how does he approach other issues that come before him?  Does he rely on his feelings when he’s negotiating with North Korea or Iran or his statement about talking with terrorists?  Maybe this is why he’s so ready to pass all the proposed legislation that will take America into bankruptcy…he doesn’t know all the facts, but he’s already made the decision because of whatever or whoever he’s getting the summary from??  It makes it all the more important that we let our representatives know what we think about proposed legislation.  Be sure to call the White House and let the president know as well.  Here’s the link to the White House website.

You can also call or write to the President:
The White House                                                                    Telephone:       Comments: 202-456-1111
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW                                                                Switchboard:
Washington, DC 20500                                                                                                   Fax:

News - President Obama held a prime time news conference Wednesday 7-22-09 to try to convince Americans and Representatives that his health care reform is needed now to reduce health care costs, make health care more affordable and accessible to millions of unisured Americans and he said it will also help bring us out of this economic down turn. 

Analysis -  
Our hearts go out to everyone that does not have insurance and are struggling to pay health care  bills.  I know, I’ve experienced it.  The statement though, that people without insurance do not have access to healthcare is blatantly false.  Sure, it can be costly at these local care centers, but it is available and if someone needs emergency care, there are hospitals in every community that will take care of them!  So in short, there have always been and will continue to be family, friends, church and other options for those in need.  Again, I speak from experience, I have been on the receiving end and on the giving end.  We as Americans always step up to take care of someone in need.  TV or Radio Stations broadcast the need and a trust is set up at a local bank and is funded by giving Americans for those with life threatening diseases like cancer, leukemia and the like.  Even with insurance, those bills can be staggering!  Agreed, health care reform is needed, but a Government run system is not an option.  The president admitted in his speech that Medicare and Medicaid are in extreme trouble.  To add another government run system would be horrendous.  During the question and answer session, he even stated that they were considering other options.  Does that mean privatize?  That really inspires confidence in another government system doesn't it? 

By the way, what is it with the press?  Are they all ok with this?  Where are the real questions?

President Obama also made reference to cost savings by cutting down on unnecessary testing and by promoting cheaper medication (the red pill or the blue pill).  If anyone of you has undergone an MRI or CT Scan, you are aware that the insurance company will only pay for one and then that information has to be shared with all consulting physicians!  The red pill or blue pill, whichever is cheaper; Mr. President, it’s called generic!  We’ve been taking those for years because it saves us money!  He even stated that because the government would be in charge, the physicians wouldn't dare order unnecessary tests like they do now.  That's right they may order more, the government is paying for them!  I have more faith in my physician than I do a faceless government worker making decisions about my health care from Washington!

It's evident that though our president is a gifted speaker, articulate, charming and generally a likeable person, it’s obvious he is not in touch with the American people on this.  The American people do not want a new government medical program that will cost jobs and ruin the ability to choose health care plans by rewarding companies that choose the government plan for their employees.  His plan will straddle us, our children and our grandchildren with a debt beyond imagination.  It makes one wonder if there is another motive…power possibly?

This health care plan at over 1,000 pages that no representative or senator or president has read is completely wrong for America!  I make my statement that the president hasn’t read it based on the presumption that if had, he would know that the arguments he posed about tests and pills is false.  Everyone that has worked with an insurance company knows the difference.  Why doesn’t he?  Or could this be a scare tactic?  The representatives and senators have all admitted on the news channels that they haven't had time to read it.

How in the world can any of our representatives vote on something they haven't read??  That is not representation, that is pure power politics!  Power for the government! 

Call or write your senator and representative today!  You elected them, they work for you!  Tell them no on government run health care!  If they vote for it, they are voting themselves out of a job at the next election!!  And stick to it, no tolerance, your children and your children's children's future depends on your actions today!

Here is the link to an Alphebetical list of Senators.  Please locate yours and call today!

Here is the link to an Alphebetical list of Representatives.  Please locate yours and call today!

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