American Truth and Values

I am dedicated to the truth and values that made American great!  On these pages you will find references to God and country!  The two things that Society tells you to never talk about - Politics and Religion.  Think about this; how you live your life today and for eternity are involved in those two areas!  They will be discussed on this website!  

What goes on in the political arena today affects all parts of our lives and future generations.  When our children ask; Daddy, why isn't America free any more, we want to be able to stand up and say we did all we could. 

What does Eternity hold for you and me?  I want to open my mind to all possibilities and that means discussion!  We all want to do something for today and for our children, but what about our eternity?  This is THE most important decision we can make for ourselves and to learn about so we can teach our children, but sometimes it seems to much to contemplate.  We will talk about that on this website!

I hope that you will be blessed by what is talked about on this website!
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