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My goal is to provide Analysis of News, Legislation and Current Events for American Truth andValues!  This is not a Political Party site.  All
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The Media Spin, Unchecked  Government Spending and Left Leaning Progressivism in our Government and Institutions must stop if your Children and Grandchildren are to live in a free country!   On these pages you will find contacts for your elected Representatives.  Please call, write or e-mail them with your views.  We must be involved and active for the sake of future generations!

11-16-09 - Urgent – Contact your Senators Immediately!  The Senate vote on nomination of David Hamilton to fill the vacancy on the Federal 7th Circuit Court of Appeals is 11-17-09.  Judge Hamilton has stated that prayers in the name of Jesus are not permissible.  However, prayers to Allah are ok.  

This letter from Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama outlines Judge Hamilton’s views and record.


Jesus is our savior, not Allah.  As a Christian Nation, this cannot be allowed to happen!

Senate Phone List


You can also visit to send a fax to all 100 senators.


October 8, 2009 -- Ladies and Gentlemen, grab your phones and call, call, call your representative and the White House!  They (the left) are still bent on passing some type of Government health care bill.  We all understand that it is nothing more than a power grab by the liberals that want to change America into a socialist nation.  Let's stand up and stop them now!!  Neither your children nor your children's children will forgive us if we let this happen!

There are changes that can be made to our system that will help us all, but it does not need to be a government run or a government option. 
  • How about allowing more competition?  Why are we limited to only 4 or 5 Insurances choices in each state?  Opening up state lines will give us lower prices as Insurance companies compete for business.
  • Tort reform to allow medical facilities and doctors to reduce the amount of malpractice insurance they have to buy.
  • Maybe moving health insurance into the open market instead of coverage by employers.  Employers could pay their employees a higher wage and we would have the ability to choose the coverage we want. 
  • Reward good behavior.  Those that practice preventative medicine receive a reduction in their costs.
  • More...submit your ideas on the contact page.
Folks, our President and our Congress has taken on this health care option and are placing it's priority above everything else!  Fortunately for us, the Military and our Federal agents are still on the job to protect our country, so far...They are requesting more help and our President is stalling.
It's obvious our leaders have a different priority...gaining power.  Call and write today!  The phone lists are just below the next paragraph.

September 17, 2009
-- Seen on the Hannity show on Fox News....The Federal Government has allowed a smelt (minnow) to create a waterless wasteland where farmers used to grow our tomatos and beans and much more.  Folks, the unemployment is 40% in the central valley of California and people are starving!  Check out The Valley Hope Forgot at  More information at,,    gotwater.orgPlease call your Senators and Congressmen and the White House and let them know that people are more important than minnows! 

Congressional Phone List

Senate Phone List

Contact the White House

While you have them on the phone tell them that if they want to keep their job, they will vote no on any health care bill !  Yes on Tort reform, Yes on competition, Yes on tax breaks for individuals and small business.  No to Big Government!
---  Don't give up folks, keep the pressure on your representatives, you are making a difference!  The town halls have made them realize that they work for you!  And that you do not want a government run health care system of any kind!!  It's important that you not let up, because when they go back after the break, the spin will begin try to make everyone think that we must have some kind of reform.   NO is the answer to that.  As Nancy Reagan said, just say no!  Good Job Everyone!!

Have you heard of the Tea Party Express?  They are touring the country from Aug 28 to September 12th.  click on the following link to find out when they will be in your area.

According to this report from July 2007, that's right 2007, when Michael Moore was pushing his Health Care Plan, the numbers of uninsured are inflated.  (Hmmm, I wonder how much of his plan is now Obama's??)  
Health Care Lie: '47 Million Uninsured Americans'

8-20-09 -- Ok, I apologize, I have not been able to post for awhile.  My company called me back to work temporarily.  It's great to be working and bringing home the bacon, but it sure does slow down the posting...
8-20-09 --  There were three (3) items before Congress that needed your attention, but Judge Sotomayor has been confirmed, so that leaves two (2).  Please contact your representative right NOW and tell them NO on both CAP and Trade and Health Care!    

1.  CAP-and-TRADE.  This is a bill that will make the cost of energy increase for every American!  There are also many including Mr. Gore that stand to make a lot of $$  if this bill passes.  Rolling Stone magazine has done the research on this one.  Please call your Representative and tell them NO on CAP-and-TRADE!
Here is the link to an Alphebetical list of Representatives.  Please locate yours and call today!

2.  Health Care by President Obama.  This bill would cost American jobs to start with and then would limit private health care choices as well as create another Federal Boondoggle that even our Grandchildrens children won't be able to pay for!!  Sure, health care needs to be more available, but this is plain suicide for our country.  Please call your Representative and tell them NO on President Obama's Health Care plan!  Not even a modified version!!
Here is the link to an Alphebetical list of Representatives.  Please locate yours and call today!

8-20-09 -- This was number 1, but she was confirmed..... Senate confirmation of Sonya Sotomayor must be stopped.  Her record shows she is a liberal progressive judge and will most likely try to do social engineering from the bench.  This is not allowed under our constitution.  Her record indicates that the current Supreme Court has overturned her cases more than a few times.  If Judge Sotomayor is confirmed, according to her record, she will move our country in a liberally progressive direction.  That is the opposite of Conservatisim.  Please call your Senator and tell them NO on Sotomayor!
Here is the link to an Alphebetical list of Senators.  Please locate yours and call today!

Here are the names of the Senators that voted for Sotomayor:

Nine Republicans voted for confirmation of Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court.  That's how she was given that 68-31 margin.

They are: Lamar Alexander (TN), Kit Bond (MO), Susan Collins (ME), Lindsey Graham (SC), Judd Gregg (NH), Richard Lugar (IN), Mel Martinez (FL), Olympia Snowe (ME) and George Voinovich (OH).  These Gentlemen must have been too accepting of her statements under oath and did not study her record closely enough.  **They should be replaced when their term is up for incompetence!

All 31 other Republicans voted no. All 59 Democrats present voted yes, but Ted Kennedy was out, missing the vote.

8-20-09 --  I will get you the names of those that voted yes for Sotomayor's confirmation.  They should be voted out of office for failing to protect our country from someone with a record like Sotomayor.  It is extremely important that we waste no more time with those that refuse to put our country first!  Vote them out!

8-20-09 -- She is also a threat to our Second Amendment rights.


8-20-09  --  The news is reporting that President Obama and hard line democrats are pushing for the health care bill (one way or the other).  They are not listening to Americans in the town hall meetings that are saying in no uncertain terms
that we (the majority of the country) do not want it.  They are so consumed by their agenda that they have called the people at the town hall meetings un-american and Nazis and compared the speech to the rantings of Timothy McVeigh who bombed the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City!  The point is that they are more concerned with their agenda than with what the American people want.  Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Barack Obama are leading the charge.  Call, write and e-mail all Democrats and the White House to let them know they will lose their cush jobs next election if they vote for ANY version of Obama health care!  We have the best health care system in the country and they are trying to dismantle it.  Please stop them before we find ourselves in a country we do not recognize where free enterprise is a thing of the past or a country that is totally bankrupt with everyone out of work!

8-20-09 -- Now this is the mark of where our Presidential administration is in terms of values; 
They are not above stooping to threats to get their way!

8-20-09 -- I do not get it...Is it power or is there money in it for them, just what is it that makes them want this so bad?  Maybe it's both?? 

Just what does Socialism offer them??

There will be much more to talk about on this site soon, but again, please call and tell your elected official that they work for you and that you want these two (2) items stopped now!  Tell them that if they do not stop these items, they will be looking for a new job on election day!!


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